The Dos and Don’ts of Restroom Usage

25 Jan

Ugh. Movie theater problems. While at work today, I had to clean the restrooms. Wonderful. People literally do NOT understand how to properly use a public restroom. It is for this reason, that I’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts for restroom usage. People, please. For the love of all that is sanitary, ABIDE BY THIS LIST.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Restroom Usage (for Men AND Women)

  1. Ladies. A pad is a pad, meant for use during a woman’s menstrual cycle to absorb blood. A Depend is an adult diaper used to catch excrement. Learn to differentiate between the two. There’s no reason I should find a pad soaked in urine (or a Depend soaked in whatever) in the feminine hygiene bins. It’s just disturbing. Which brings me to number two…
  2. Furthermore ladies, there ARE feminine hygiene bins. They have a function, which is to dispose of tampons, pads, etc. It’s NOT for your popcorn bag, it’s NOT for your Mello Yellow bottles you snuck in. It’s NOT for pregnancy tests, condoms (which shouldn’t be used in a theater in the first place), and it’s not for your gum. It’s NOT even for adult diapers that the elderly often use (they’re small bins, not large enough for even infants’ diapers). They’re for feminine hygiene products and feminine hygiene products ONLY.
  3. I can understand if you don’t want to sit on the toilet seats (I really don’t blame you), but for the love of all that is sane, if you’re going to build a “nest” of toilet paper to sit on, THROW IT OUT or FLUSH IT when you’re done. I have people come up to me saying that the bathrooms are a complete mess and it’s all because some other person almost exactly like them doesn’t have the common courtesy to flush their own mess.
  4. Why why why why why WHY have I found piles of popcorn in bathroom stalls? Now come on, most customers never go to the movies alone. Instead of bringing your food, the product that is going into your mouth to be digested by your body, into a bacterial wonderland, give it to a friend of yours to at least hold outside of the stall. If you’re going to the movie alone, get your food after going to the restroom. Seriously. After really thinking about where you’re taking that bag, do you really want to continue eating its contents?
  5. It’s outstanding how much water there is left around a sink just after a couple of people use it. I honestly have a theory that people will cup their hands to fill them with water and just run down the line of sinks laughing maliciously while letting loose the water they gathered all over the countertops in an attempt to make the restroom comparable to Lake Erie. Just don’t. Wash your hands, gently shake them off above the porcelain sink to remove excess water, and dry the remainder under the hand dryers.
  6. PLEASE wash your hands after using the restroom. It’s because of people that go against this, that I’m honestly afraid to rip tickets anymore. Think about it. You’re in a restroom that hundreds of people use every day. People use the restroom, wipe themselves (sometimes even getting urine on themselves), USE those same hands to flush the toilet and proceed on with their day. That. Is. DISGUSTING. Please don’t behave like animals. I know our theater can get messy when we’re busy, but we’re not a farm. We value hygiene. You wouldn’t want to touch a paper that’s been handled by someone who hasn’t washed their hands after using the restroom, would you? I don’t think so.
  7. To the men, stop peeing on the floor. Seriously. I know there’s a drain on the floor and it leads to the sewage, but by no means does that mean that it’s a toilet in disguise. It’s a DRAIN. Its purpose is to DRAIN water in case a toilet overflows so that the floor of the bathroom doesn’t get over-flooded. Use the toilet or the urinal. It’s not going to kill you.
  8. Another form of confusion that men apparently face is the function of a urinal. Believe it or not, a urinal is an appliance used to dispose of URINE. However, men seem to think that it’s an acceptable form of a toilet and proceed to excrete their feces into it………let’s look into this again……..URINAL.

I really hope anyone who has done any of the stated actions reads this and changes their ways. Treat public restrooms as if they were your own. If you do that, they will be significantly less disgusting. Promise.



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